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Who can use the motor mission vehicle?
For how long can I use the vehicle?
What contribution towards running costs do I expect?
How much notice do I need to book a vehicle?
What would I receive to confirm your booking request?
What documents must I bring when collecting the vehicle?
What mode of payment is accepted?
May I take the mission car to the continent?
Is my foreign driving license valid in the UK? Do I need an international Driving license?
Motor Mission offer vehicles to Missionaries belonging to a bonafide Christian missionary society who agree to and believe in the UK Evangelical Alliance's Statement of Faith;
For as long or short as you like usually.  We appreciate your need of the vehicle and seek to help whilst here in the UK.  If your stay turns into a permanent one then we give you time, thee months maximum, to find an alternative vehicle if you still need one.  We would mention, of course, that Ichthus Motor Services sells cars at a discount price to ex missionaries etc.
Due to increasing cost of insurance, the current rate is £160 a month plus 12p a mile + VAT. A minimum of £100 is charged for 14 days loan period. A pro rata applies when the period of loan exceeds the minimum 14 days.
Book early to avoid disappointments. Our booking system takes dates as far in to the future as you like. Generally a few days will suffice but if you want to beat the rush at Christmas and the dreaded Summer hols get your name down just as soon as you can. 
A valid driving license issued anywhere within European union (EU), or European Economic Area (EEA) maybe used by the license holder. 
If you are a non UK/EU/EEA driving license holder, any valid driving permit issued elsewhere in the world is accepted.
We accept payment by cash,  debit and credit card. Sorry we do not accept cheques.
Sorry but no. This is because if it breaks down the cost of recovery to the UK may exceed the car value and the travel insurance company will simply 'write the car off'.
Yes, your foreign driving license is valid in the UK for 12 months.  You don't need to have an International Driving License (IDP) but if your license issued from your own country has been issued in a language other than English, you may want to consider buying one before coming to the UK. An IDP is an internationally recognized form of identification, carrying your name, photo and driver information - in 10 languages. It does not replace your license-which you should carry with you if you intent to drive-but it can be used to communicate with authorities who speak a langauge different from the one in which your driver's license is isued.
A booking confirmation is emailed to you within 24 hours after submitting the request online.  We treat booking dates as approximate as a.) your flights maybe re arranged and b.) we may nor have a car ready just at that time. We never offer cast iron guarantees a car will be ready on a day until a few days before but for over 30 years running this ministry we always do our best to provide the requested car according to requested pick up dates. if your itinerary just can't cope wit that scenario you should have a contingency plans in place.
Ordained Christian ministers visiting the UK who also uphold the statement of faith;
Any person who is reasonable seen to be resident in the UK is not entitled to use a vehicle, even if that person works full/part time for a Missionary Society.
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