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Motor Mission

The Motor Mission

For over 30 years Ichthus Motor Mission has been providing a cost efficient loan car service to Christian Missionaries.  Wether it be for short periods whilst back in the country visiting friends and family, or for longer periods spanning 6 months or more, Ichthus Motor Mission aims to provide a reliable service offering fantastic value for money.


The Mission began in 1981 when Len Carne, proprietor of Ichthus Motor Services was given an unwanted but roadworthy car by a customer who was buying a new car. With Bert Brooker as the secretary, ichthus Motor Mission started. Eight years later with the kind gifts of many friends, the one has grown to 60 and continously growing to 125 cars serving 141 missionaries in 1988!

Today the Mission is still going and helping missionaries returning to the UK for short breaks or for longer periods, visiting family and friends and fulfilling deputation and speaking engagement, by way of providing a cheap alternative to mainstream hire companies in the provision of temporary vehicle.

Motor Mission

The Mission Cars

All our cars have been donated and we work hard to keep them maintained and serviced in good mechnical condition. Today the Mission has over 50 cars and they come taxed, MOT’d and with AA breakdown cover for all eventualities, and we have a range of vehicle types available to suit all needs from small 2 door automatics to 8 seater MPV’s we can can cater for most parties.

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Financially we rely on the Lord for His provision and the mission can continue as long as God provides the car and funds to keep them on the road. Buying and running cars on a short term basis can be very expensive and this work enables people to avoid that extra worry.

In order to avoid disappointment our advice is always to book as early as possible. The earlier you submit your request the better especially at busy times like summer and holidays.

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Want to Donate a Car?

We rely solely on vehicle donation in order to keep this service going. This service is of huge benefit to those who currently use it. It is our aim to grow this service on a large scale whilst working to improve and enhance the availability and efficiency of the service we currently provide.  If you or anyone you know who has a car and they would like to donate for use on our mission feet please fill up the form by clicking the button below.

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